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    Bringing Home a New Dog? Here’s What You Should Know

    The decision to adopt a new pup can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There’s a lot that goes into adding a dog to your family, especially if you’ve never owned a dog before.

    Co-Sleeping with Your Pet: The Reason for Your Poor Night's Sleep?

    Most pets love to snuggle, and their urge to stay close often continues well into the night, starting when they jump up on your bed to go to sleep. It can be difficult to resist the temptation of all-night snuggles with your furry friend, which is why many pet owners share the bed with their pets night after night.

    A Bored Cat Can Wreak Destruction on Your Home

    Stop Wiping Up Pee from Your Excited Puppy Every Time You Come Home

    It’s an all-too-common occurrence for owners of a brand-new puppy: anytime someone enters the home or the dog gets excited, a little puddle of pee appears on the floor. Cleaning up after your overly excited puppy can get frustrating, especially when your puppy has been housebroken.

    Antlers, Plastic Chews, Rope Toys & More: What's Safe and What's Not?

    Pet parents are never surprised to find their dog chewing on things—even things they’re not supposed to be chewing. That’s why we purchase a plethora of toys and chews to keep our pups occupied.

    Pet Technology in 2019: What’s Next & Coming Soon?

    6 Ideas to Celebrate Holiday Festivities with Your Pets

    We all eagerly await and feel excited about the holidays. Holidays are the time to enjoy fine dining and spending time with loved ones. And, one of the most beloved members of the family is your pet.

    You May Need to Change Your Dog's Feeding Habits this Winter

    Now that winter is officially here, and the cold has crept into many places around the world, we’ve been cranking our thermostats, donning winter jackets and adjusting our lives to fit with the weather. But have you considered that you need to make a few changes for your dog, as well? One of the major things pet owners forget when winter approaches is that our pets need some adjusting for the cold, too—and one of the most-forgotten items on the list has to do with food.

    Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

    It’s almost the holiday season, and homes around the world are getting ready to host parties and celebrations of many different winter holidays. In addition to the food, guest list and party schedule, pet owners should also be wary of one additional thing: potential hazards for their pets.

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