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    10 of the Most Common Toxins for Cats and Dogs

    If there’s one thing our pets love, it’s eating things they shouldn’t. Pet parents often catch their mischievous fur babies pawing at bags of fertilizer or open food containers. Curiosity gets the better of them, leaving you to anxiously await their prognosis in the vet hospital’s waiting room.

    When Can Sweet Snacks Be Poisonous to Your Dog?

    Pet parents are all too familiar with puppy-dog eyes. Your pup might come sauntering over, hoping to snag a bite of that chocolate chip cookie or a piece of candy you’re snacking on. For their own safety, it’s important that you don’t give in to their begging! Many sweet snacks contain ingredients that are highly toxic to your furry friend.

    Keep Your Dog's Safety in Mind When Lawn Prepping this Fall

    If you’re the type of homeowner that spends significant time keeping your lawn prim and proper, you know fall is the prime time of year for lawn care. From raking leaves to fertilizing to winterizing your garden, there’s plenty to do in prepping your lawn for the season ahead and the eventual spring to come. But while you might be focused on tending your lawn, it’s important to make sure you’re not doing it at the expense of your dog’s health.

    How to Keep Pets Safe Around Your Vegetable Garden

    Summer vegetable gardens are great for providing fresh herbs and veggies for your household. Maintaining them can even be a fun pastime for you and your family. Unfortunately, if you’re a pet owner, vegetable gardens can also be a source of stress or danger.

    This is How Spring Cleaning Puts Your Pet in Danger

    It’s officially springtime, and the nicer weather is encouraging people everywhere to open the windows, grab the cleaning supplies and do a bit of spring cleaning to freshen up their homes. Although spring cleaning can be a refreshing chore, for pet owners, it can also be the source of danger for cats and dogs.

    Protect Your Pup from Pest Control Chemicals This Spring

    Melting snow, longer days and rising temperatures indicate that spring is finally here. Many pet owners and their furry friends have been longing to take advantage of the nicer weather and head outside for long walks and play sessions in the park. However, spring is also a common time for yard work and landscaping on both public and private property…and that means pesticides, herbicides and other lawn chemicals—many of which are toxic to animals. This can be a dangerous time for dogs!

    Uncovering the Cause Behind Your Dog's Vomiting

    If your dog throws up, it can be unpleasant and concerning for everyone. You’ll need to clean up a mess, and your dog is likely feeling sick and possibly a little scared.

    Don't Share Your Picnic: Summer Foods Your Pets Shouldn't Eat

    In the heat of summer, it’s likely you’ll find yourself at picnics and parties surrounded by friends, family and, of course, your furry friends. Nothing says summer like a barbeque, but it’s important to remember that some summer foods are only meant for humans—not dogs.

    Poisoning in Dogs and What to Do if it Happens

    Dogs have an impeccable ability to get into things—especially those that we don’t want them to. Whether puppy proofing was no match for your determined pup or something hazardous was left out by mistake, your dog may accidentally ingest something that is toxic to him or her.

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