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    Do You Know All the Environmental Toxins Your Pet is Exposed To?

    Pets are exposed to more toxins than you might realize. In fact, those toxins are hiding in the products you use every day! Even substances that appear safe, like food and pet-friendly medications, contain chemicals that impact your pet’s health.

    Make Preventative Care Your Main Defense Against Dog Cancer

    A cancer diagnosis can leave pet parents with many questions: What caused it? Am I taking good care of my dog? Following the sad news, pet parents often wonder if they could’ve done anything differently to prevent this horrible disease.

    How Microchips Protect Your Pet

    Technology is constantly evolving, giving owners more reliable ways to protect their pets. You don’t have to depend solely on collar tags anymore. Microchips give loving pet parents the best chance of reuniting with their fur babies. These tiny electronic devices are safe, painless and completely foolproof. There’s no reason not to microchip your pet!

    8 Strategies Against Cat Hairballs

    Cat owners are all too familiar with hacking and gagging sounds. Seconds after the noises begin, your cat might kindly gift you a slimy lump on the carpet. The occasional hairball is normal, but it’s worth looking into if your cat produces them all the time.

    The Dangers of Worms in Puppies and Kittens

    A lot of pet parents assume intestinal worms are nothing to worry about—they think all their sick pet needs is some medication, and they’re good to go. Adult pets might recover from worms unscathed, but the same can’t be said about puppies and kittens. What might be a minor nuisance to adult pets can prove fatal to fur babies that are just weeks old.

    How to Keep Your Pet From Getting Lost or Stolen!

    No one wants to imagine their fur baby scared, hungry and far from home. But the truth is, pets become lost every day—more so than anyone wants to admit. The finder might bring your pet to a shelter for identification, or they might try to claim it as their own.

    Bolster Your Pet's Cardiovascular System With These Wellness Tips

    Pet parents need to prioritize their fur baby’s cardiovascular system as much as their own. The heart, lungs and blood vessels are constantly working to keep your pet healthy. Any damage done to these vital organs can have devastating consequences. Cats and dogs are vulnerable to many of the cardiovascular diseases humans face, plus other threats like heartworms.

    Your Cat's Health from Tip to Tail

    At first glance, your cat may seem fine. They polish off every meal, play with their toys and act like their usual, pleasant self. But cats are masters of deception, and your fur baby might be in more discomfort than they want you to believe. Don’t wait until warning signs arise—take the initiative by incorporating preventative health measures for every part of their body.

    Wellness Tips to Change Your Pet's Life for the Better

    When it comes to boosting their pets’ health, pet owners aren’t always sure where to start. There’s so much information available, it’s hard to filter out the noise and focus on what matters the most.

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