Preventative Care

    6 Natural Tips to Protect Your Pet's Liver

    Preventative Care

    Integrative Medicine: Start Asking Your Vet What You Can do at Home

    Preventative Care

    3 Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is Overweight

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    Keeping Your Pet in Peak Health: Pet Wellbeing's Dr. Jan on Ep. 70 of Sup, Babe? Podcast

    Listen to our own Dr. Jan speaking on the Sup, Babe? Podcast explaining her inspiring back story and the best ways to optimize your pet's health through holistic means. Learn more about our favorite expert behind Pet Wellbeing!

    4 Tips to Help Prevent Pet Diabetes

    Diabetes can affect both cats and dogs of any age. The condition occurs due to low or ineffective insulin levels in your pet’s body, which prevents your pet from properly processing glucose and turning it into energy. Worsening diabetes can lead to life-threatening conditions such as kidney failure, seizures and even death. Fortunately, this condition can be avoided!

    Watch Out for These 4 Common Puppy Ailments

    It’s never fun when you notice your puppy is feeling under the weather. Young puppies are particularly susceptible to illness because their immune systems are not fully developed.

    Protect Your Kitten from These 4 Common Ailments

    Kittens are a lot like babies—fragile little things that need protection and care to grow big and strong. Because of their underdeveloped immune systems and lack of vaccinations, kittens are more susceptible to illnesses that might not affect adult cats as often. Additionally, these illnesses might have much more drastic consequences for your kitty if they’re not addressed.

    How Safe is it Really to Let Your Cat Outside?

    Before they were domesticated, cats roamed the wild on their own, hunting their food and defending themselves against predators. Although many stray cats still do this, cats are largely domestic animals now, content with living in luxury indoors. But if your cat expresses interest in heading out into the great unknown, is it okay to let them tap into their instincts and explore outside?

    Why Is Your Pet's Rabies Shot So Important?

    One of the most highly mandated aspects of domestic pets’ health is their vaccinations—specifically, the rabies vaccination. In many places, pets can’t be licensed or travel without proof of vaccination against this disease. But have you ever wondered why, exactly, it’s so important?

    Make Preventative Care a Part of Your Pet's New Year’s Resolutions

    New year’s resolutions are designed to help us set and achieve healthy goals, with the first of the year serving as a fresh slate. For pet owners, new year’s resolutions not only give us the opportunity to consider our own wellbeing but also our furry friends’!

    Is There Any Way to Prevent Your Cat from Getting Hairballs?

    If your cat suddenly starts coughing and hacking away, you know what comes next: a gross pile of fur on your carpet. Hairballs are normal every once in a while and usually mean that your cat is taking care of their fur. Still, pet owners don’t enjoy seeing their kitties try to cough them up, nor do they enjoy the mess they make afterwards.

    August is Pet Immunization Awareness Month!


    When is the last time your pet received their vaccinations? If it’s been longer than a year, now’s the time to check in with your vet! The month of August is Pet Immunization Awareness Month to remind pet parents to vaccinate their furry friends against contagious and potentially deadly diseases.

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