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    My Dog Feels Warm: Does it Have a Fever?

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    What is Heartworm Doing to Your Poor Pup?

    As a dog owner, you’re probably familiar with numerous intestinal parasites, such as the tapeworm or hookworm, but another common parasitic worm doesn’t affect your dog’s intestines—it affects its heart and lungs.

    7 Behavioral Changes That Might Indicate Your Dog is Sick

    Dogs don’t have the power of speech like humans do. This is why, when they get sick, they need to show us owners they’re hurting in other ways. While some illnesses have tell-tale signs like physical symptoms, others manifest in more silent ways, such as a change in behavior.

    What is Hypothyroidism and How Does it Affect Your Dog?

    Thyroid diseases are unfortunately common in pets. The hormones produced by this small gland in the neck control essential components of your dog’s everyday life. If something starts to go wrong with the gland or your dog’s hormone levels are imbalanced, it won’t take long for you to notice.

    Your Pet's Tooth Decay Affects More Than Just the Mouth

    Every pet owner knows that it’s hard to keep their pet’s pearly whites pearly-white for very long. Routine brushing can be a battle with fussy dogs and cats, and bacterial growth seems to be constant. However, without proper oral hygiene, your pet could face a painful and potentially-devastating disease.

    Ticks Are A Year-Round Issue: Helping Your Pup Avoid Lyme Disease

    Many pet owners mistakenly believe ticks are only alive in summer. In reality, ticks stay active for almost the entire year. It is not until the weather is close to freezing that ticks go dormant. This means that ticks are alive well into fall and can easily latch onto your dog during your crisp autumn runs or hikes. Tick bites are certainly a nuisance, but the worst part about these tiny insects is their potential to carry Lyme disease, a scary illness that is all too common in dogs.

    Straining to Go: Help Identify and Treat Constipation in Your Dog

    Any dog owner can tell you their least favorite part about owning a dog: picking up after it. Unlike cats, which usually go to the bathroom in a litter box, dogs are more likely to pee on bushes and trees and to poop all over the yard. Many household guests have fallen victim to the lone dog pile that the owner accidentally missed during their daily pick-up.

    Behavior Changes That Could Indicate Your Cat's Poor Health

    Cats are creatures of habit. They tend to fall into routines, doing the same types of things day in and day out, and they prefer to keep it that way. So if your cat suddenly begins acting against the norm, it should put up some red flags.

    Hot Cars and Your Dog: Two Things that Should Never Go Together

    It is officially summer, and the temperatures across the nation keep rising. Unfortunately, summer is also the time that many dogs and other pets suffer from heat stroke due to being left in vehicles in high temps.

    Why Mental Exercise Is Just as Important as Physical Exercise for Your Dog

    Every dog owner knows the importance of physical exercise for dogs. We take our pups on walks, chase them around the yard, play with tug ropes and do much more to keep their bodies healthy and their hearts happy. Dogs love physical exercise, even in their older years. However, physical activity is not the only crucial kind of exercise your dog needs.

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