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    Why a Dog's Mental Exercise is Just as Important as Physical Exercise


    4 Tips to Enjoy Spring While Avoiding Triggering Your Dog's Allergies

    Preventative Care

    Knee Problems in Dogs

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    Pet Food Allergies? Try Supplementing with Health Fats

    You may have heard that essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are important for your pet's wellbeing. Especially, omega fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory and are both safe and effective to help with pet food allergies!

    Why You Should Never Self-Diagnose Your Pet

    Something is wrong: Your pet isn’t eating or has loose stool or is acting just plain strange. Is he or she feeling well?  Many pet owners can immediately tell if something is a little off with their furry friends. Symptoms do sometimes take a bit longer than usual to appear but owners should be able to spot signs of illness. Veterinary visits can be expensive, prompting some pet owners to try to self-diagnose their pet’s symptoms. Should you do the same?

    Obese Pets Are Developing The Same Diseases As Humans

    An increasing amount of obese dogs and cats are now suffering from the exact same diseases as obese people, according to a recent press release.

    A Pet Parent's Guide to Coping with Dog Cancer

    Cancer is a common diagnosis in pets. There are many types of cancer that can afflict pets. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer you may feel overwhelmed and terrified. Here are some suggestions to help you cope with a diagnosis of dog cancer in your beloved pet.

    Understanding Cat Diarrhea

    Medical Information
    • Dietary indiscretion
    • Intestinal parasites
    • Sudden Diet Changes
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Medications
    • Bacterial and viral infections
    • Soft, watery, or loose stool
    Alternative Therapies
    • Slippery elm herb
    • Probiotics
    • Novel protein diet
    • Acupuncture therapy
    • Chiropractic care
    • TCVM food therapy

    If you live with cats, you will probably eventually have to deal with a bout of cat diarrhea. Unfortunately, this often means that your cat might not make it to the litter box in time to eliminate, leaving you with a mess on the floor. There is an extremely large range of conditions that can cause diarrhea in cats. The most common of these are listed below.

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