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    4 Common Triggers for Rescue Pets and How to be Mindful of Them

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    8 Tips for Introducing a Rescue Cat to Other Pets Safely

    It’s obvious you and your new rescue cat are a perfect match. But what about the other pets back at home?

    7 Reasons Fostering a Rescue Pet is Good For Mental Health—Yours & Theirs

    Future pet owners are often so focused on adoption, few consider becoming a foster home for animals in need. Adoption might be the end goal, but fostering rescues is a huge part of preparing pets for their new homes. Foster homes give animals the opportunity to work through behavioral issues and experience the life they’ve always wanted before they find their forever homes.

    Rescue Pups May Have Bad Habits: Be Patient With Them!

    All too many dog owners miss out on the joys of adopting a rescue pup. They see behavioral issues and go running to pet stores, instead. Behaviors like aggression and separation anxiety deter people because they believe rescue pups are damaged forever. What they fail to see is that all dogs need training, regardless of whether they’re rescued, adopted or store bought. Rescue dogs aren’t a lost cause—they’re still capable of giving and receiving love!

    Why Rescuing a Cat is the Best Way to Adopt

    Few can resist the charms of store-bought fur babies. You walk into the pet store to buy more cat food and happen to pass the rows of adorable kittens just waiting to be taken home. They’re so cute that, for a second, you consider buying another cat right then and there!

    How Rescue Organizations Give Special Needs Pets a Second Chance

    Imagine traversing the rows of kennels at your local pet shelter. They’re filled with lovable fur babies all vying for a chance to come home with you. You stumble across an adorable one-eyed kitty staring cautiously from the back of their kennel. It’s clear the cat has been there for years, overlooked by others who shied away from the disability and resulting commitment.

    Why You Should Consider Breed-Specific Pet Rescues

    Many future pet owners like the idea of raising a purebred dog. Since they are less common in shelters, people often turn to breeders or pet stores to find their new furry companion. What they don’t realize is that pups that come from these places are often forced to endure poor living conditions. Whether you want a Golden Retriever or Border Collie, breed-specific pet rescues are the better option for you and the pup.

    7 Benefits of #AdoptDontShop for Your Next Pet

    Pet adoption is very popular, and for good reason. Stroll down the rows of kennels at a shelter, and you’ll see countless loving animals who deserve a second chance at life. One glance into a pup’s or kitty’s eyes will tell you they’ve been through a lot. Shelter pets seek human affection so much, you’ll have a hard time saying no to that adorable furry face!

    6 Ways to Support Your Rescue Dog’s Transition Home

    Rescuing a dog is a noble cause, and many dogs are ecstatic to start their new life beyond the confines of the shelter. However, many recently adopted rescues have a somewhat challenging time adjusting to their new home—especially if they’ve come from abusive or neglectful backgrounds.

    8 Questions You Need to Ask When Adopting a Rescue Dog

    Adoption is forever—at least, that’s the way it should be. Many of the animals in shelters and rescue agencies have bounced from one owner to the next, partly because those owners didn’t take the time to make sure they were a good match for the rescue dog. It’s important to go into a rescue adoption with a firm understanding of your own lifestyle and capabilities and how those match with your potential furry companion.

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