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    Is Your Cat Panting or Are They Having Trouble Breathing?

    Panting is usually associated with dogs, not cats. While it’s certainly less common, any kitty might breathe heavily after exposure to hot temperatures or intense play time. This behavior might appear strange in cats, but rest assured the occasional panting is completely harmless.

    What Can I Do About My Pet's ‘Reverse Sneeze’?

    Dog owners—and even some cat owners—have witnessed the moment when silence is suddenly punctuated by a violent snorting noise. The episode would cause alarm for any pet parent, but it ends as quickly as it begins. After a few seconds, your furry friend seems back to normal!

    Why Is Your Dog Wheezing After Romping Outdoors?

    Rigorous play time outdoors can make any dog pant up a storm. However, other symptoms aren’t so commonplace. Many pet parents fail to take wheezing and coughing seriously, writing them off as a normal part of canine exercise.

    Watch Out for These 7 Signs of Asthma in Dogs

    Asthma is a common respiratory ailment among humans. What few pet owners realize is their furry friends can suffer from it, too. Asthma in dogs often goes undiagnosed because the symptoms look similar to a perfectly healthy panting dog.

    What is Kennel Cough and How Can I Treat It?

    Just like humans, it’s normal for dogs to cough every once in a while. But if it sounds like they’re constantly hacking up a lung, something’s not right. Dry coughing fits could indicate the presence of a respiratory infection called kennel cough.

    Top Tips for Treating Kitty Colds at Home


    One day, you might wake up to find that your cat is acting a little under the weather. Leaky eyes, sneezing, runny nose, lethargy—these are all the symptoms of a kitty cold. When your kitty falls ill, you’ll want to do something about it!

    What to Make of Your Cat’s Repetitive Sneezing

    Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch watching your favorite TV show. Your lovable kitty is curled up in your lap or lounging on the other side of the room. Without warning, they rear up. Their face scrunches into a strange expression…and they let off a series of powerful sneezes.

    Your Dog Can Get the Seasonal Flu, Too!

    Wintertime is when many of us humans begin to feel under the weather—coughing, sneezing and running a fever as a result of the seasonal flu. But humans aren’t the only beings that can succumb to influenza! Our four-legged friends also have their own kind of illness, called the dog flu.

    Are Humidifiers Good for Pets?

    Dry air is a difficult thing to contend with. Whether due to your home’s climate or the changing of the seasons, reduced humidity can cause a range of challenges, including dry skin, sleep trouble and breathing problems. To help alleviate these issues for both humans and pets, you might consider using a humidifier.

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