Can Dogs Also Get Asthma?


    Understanding Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and How it Affects Your Cat


    Just How Serious is Heartworm in Cats?

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    Is Your Dog Panting or Is He Having Trouble Breathing?

    The sight and sound of a dog panting is very familiar to dog owners—all dogs will pant at some point or another, letting their tongue hang out as they catch their breath after a strenuous run or on a hot day. Panting is a normal bodily process that dog owners should expect, but it can sometimes be worrisome, since it may appear that your dog is having trouble catching its breath.

    How a Bronchodilator Can Save Your Asthmatic Cat

    Harness vs. Collar: What is The Right Choice for Walking Your Dog

    Your dog loves to go on walks, and, if you have a strong bond with your pooch, so do you. Getting out and exercising is great for your pup’s health—not only does walking keep your dog physically fit, but it is also great for its mental health and stress management.

    Why Does Your Cat Leave Its Mouth Open While Sniffing?

    Cats are curious animals—they roam around your home and outdoors, investigating just about anything they can find. With their extraordinary sense of smell, they are able to navigate their surroundings and learn more about other animals.

    Help Your Wheezing and Gasping Kitty Breathe Easier

    Cats make a ton of different noises, from meowing, to hissing, to growling, to purring, to chirping and beyond. Yet another noise you may hear from your cat is a wheezing sound. Wheezing may be accompanied by what sounds like coughing or snorting and will probably sound like they are trying to get rid of a hairball, without any evidence of the hairball itself.

    Hairballs: Harmless or Harmful for Your Cat?

    Most cat owners realize that cats spend a large portion of their day laying around and grooming themselves—and that’s just about it! With all that grooming, cat owners also realize that the occasional hairball is bound to appear on their floor every once in a while. It’s just something that happens with cats.

    4 Tips to Enjoy Spring While Avoiding Triggering Your Dog's Allergies

    Warmer weather is finally emerging, and many pet owners are itching to get outside and enjoy the nice, springtime weather as soon as they can. But for owners of a dog with seasonal allergies, another kind of itching may stop you and your furry friend in your tracks.

    6 Common Symptoms and Signs Your Pet Suffers from Seasonal Springtime Allergies

    When spring finally emerges, many pet owners get excited to take their pets outside more often for walks and playtime in the yard or in parks. What pet owners may be surprised to discover, though, is that their furry friends may be allergic to seasonal pollen.

    Are Springtime Allergies and Asthma the Reason for Your Cat's Lethargy?

    Cats are languid creatures by nature. For 12-16 hours each day, you’re liable to find yours basking in the sunlight, cozied up in a bed or snuggled warmly in a pile of blankets. Of course, when they’re awake, they’re prone to mischief! Most cat owners take just a little bit of comfort when they see their cat sleeping peacefully, because they’re not getting into anything they shouldn’t be!

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