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    The Dangerous Effects Smoking Has on Your Pets


    When Does a Dog's Troubled Breathing Become a Concern for Cancer?

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    Is My Cat's Snoring a Sign of a Health Problem?

    Cat owners are used to a lot of sounds coming from their furry friends. Meows, cries, trills and purrs are all everyday occurrences in most households. But one noise many pet parents don’t always expect from their tiny furballs is snoring.

    Can Dogs Also Get Asthma?

    Dog allergies are pretty common. Many pups develop atopic dermatitis—an itchy skin reaction—as a result of food, environmental and seasonal outdoor allergies. However, there is another aspect of allergic reactions that isn’t seen as often in dogs: asthma.

    Understanding Feline Herpesvirus (FHV) and How it Affects Your Cat

    There are a lot of potential illnesses your cat might face over the course of its life. One of the most common is feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1), a contagious viral infection. Cats that contract FHV-1 most often carry the virus with them for life, which may put them at risk for cold symptoms at random periods.

    Just How Serious is Heartworm in Cats?

    One of the most commonly discussed dangers to pets is heartworm—a disease caused by parasitic worms that affect the heart, lungs and blood vessels of animals. Unlike worms that live in the gastrointestinal tract, heartworms find their way to your cat’s heart, blood vessels and lungs, where they can grow to around a foot long and cause damage. 

    Is Your Dog Panting or Is He Having Trouble Breathing?

    The sight and sound of a dog panting is very familiar to dog owners—all dogs will pant at some point or another, letting their tongue hang out as they catch their breath after a strenuous run or on a hot day. Panting is a normal bodily process that dog owners should expect, but it can sometimes be worrisome, since it may appear that your dog is having trouble catching its breath.

    How a Bronchodilator Can Save Your Asthmatic Cat

    What Should I Do to Help My Dog Recover from Kennel Cough?

    With the holidays nearly here, many pet owners will be boarding their pets in overnight kennels while they travel. While most kennels are safe, fun places to keep your dog while you’re away, one of the dangers to be aware of is Bordetella, or kennel cough.

    Your Cat's Runny Nose May Be a Sign of Cat Flu

    Everyone gets a runny nose now and then, even our cats. But if you notice your cat’s nose leaking clear—or even yellow or green—discharge quite often, something is probably going on with its health.

    What's Up with Your Dog's Hacking Cough?

    It can be startling to hear your dog cough. Like in humans, dogs can get dust or food particles stuck in their throats and will need to clear them, so a few coughs every now and then is usually no cause for concern. But if your dog begins to cough regularly and forcefully, there is likely something wrong with its respiratory system.

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