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Is Chlorine Bad for My Dog's Skin?

Summer means swimming for many pet owners and their adventurous pups, but unless you have access to a freshwater lake or stream, you’re most likely going to be swimming in a pool. While pools are

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How to Treat Your Dog's Hot Spots at Home

As dog owners, we might not always notice when something is going wrong on our dog’s skin, especially when it’s concealed behind a leg or hidden by fur. But we are prone to noticing when our dogs

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What a Lump on Your Dog's Skin Can Mean

One day, you might be petting your beloved pup or brushing its hair when you notice a lump or bump on the skin that wasn’t there before. Finding bumps can alarming. They can be a sign of a health

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How to Help a Cat Experiencing Matted Fur

Cats are soft little furballs (except for when they’re hairless). For the most part, cats take care of their fur on their own—they use their tongues to cleanse themselves of dirt, remove dead hair

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Identifying the Signs of a Skin Infection on Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs have thousands of microscopic bacteria and fungi living on their skin. These microorganisms are perfectly normal and are often necessary for optimal health. However, sometimes

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Understand Your Cat's Allergy Test Before Visiting the Vet

Allergies are a deceptively common ailment in household cats; it’s estimated that one in five cats have allergies. Cats can develop allergies to many different things over time. These may include

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How Allergies Might Be at the Root of Your Dog's Hair Loss

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Your Cat's Excessive Shedding Can Be a Sign of Bigger Problems

Part of being a cat owner is knowing that if you wear dark clothing around your cat, it might not remain dark due to being covered in hair! Cats shed their fur—it’s just a fact. But what happens if

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5 Reasons Your Dog Might be Itching Excessively

We want to keep our dogs as comfortable and happy as possible, which is why we worry when they seem to constantly be scratching, shaking or even gnawing at their skin at all hours of the day. While

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You've Found a Tick on Your Dog... Now What?

Warmer weather means more walks, hikes and playtime outside with your beloved pup. Unfortunately, the dawn of spring also means that bugs are also outside. One of the worst offenders during the

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