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    Persistent Pet Itching: Is it Dry Skin or Allergies?

    Pets itch from time to time. But if they’re itching all the time, it becomes a problem! Pet parents can usually tell when something’s wrong, but it’s not as easy to tell what’s causing the skin to itch so badly. Some owners chock it up to general dryness, while others suspect allergies could be to blame. Either way, a vet’s diagnosis is necessary to get to the bottom of the issue.

    7 Natural Ways to Relieve Itchy Skin in Dogs and Cats

    Is your pet might be struggling with an incessant itch? No mater what time of year, the weather can send your cat or dogs into an itching frenzy that gets on a pet parent’s last nerves. Whether, your pets stay indoors or enjoy the outdoors, itch can strike for a numbers of reasons. But, more importantly, what's a pet parent to do? 

    Be Mindful of Antifreeze and De-Icing Salts on Dog Walks

    There’s no question as to why humans wear snow boots in winter. The sidewalks are freezing and covered with toxic de-icing salts. If we need protective gear, so do our dogs!

    Winter is Coming: What You Should Know About Boots and Coats for Pets

    Don’t forget to grab a jacket—it’s getting chilly out there! The icy tundra of winter will be here before you know it. Pet parents get bundled up for winter walks, but what about our four-legged friends? We can’t speak with our pets, so many of us are left wondering whether our companions would appreciate some protection from the cold.

    Watch Out for Hot Spots on Your Dog

    Summer is here, and that means you and your dogs are sure to hit the pool, the trails and tons of other places for adventures. Unfortunately, all this extra exposure to moisture and grass might leave your pup feeling itchy, or worse, at risk for a type of skin infection called a hot spot.

    4 Grooming Tips for Long-Haired Cats

    Felines with long, silky fur can be a challenge. Their coats require more work to maintain and can easily turn into an unruly mess. However, while long-haired cats require lots of time and effort, the steps for maintaining their luscious locks are actually quite simple.

    Why It's Important to Protect Your Pet's Skin from Summer Sun

    Imagine what you’d pack for a day at the beach—sunscreen, refreshing beverages, protective clothing and an umbrella to create a shady spot. Your furry companions need all that gear, too!

    How to Care for a Cat with a Cut or Wound

    Feline first aid is a lot like treating minor wounds on a person—staunch the bleeding, clean the wound and put on a bandage until it’s fully healed. But just like with human ailments, it’s important for cat owners to recognize when they have a situation under control and when they’re in way over their heads.

    Warbles Infection in Cats: How Rodent Hunters Become Unwitting Hosts!

    Cat owners usually don’t see anything wrong with their furry companions hunting mice in the backyard. After all, it’s what they do best! But many parasites lurk in the soil, including the dreaded warble.

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