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    How to Care for a Cat with a Cut or Wound

    Feline first aid is a lot like treating minor wounds on a person—staunch the bleeding, clean the wound and put on a bandage until it’s fully healed. But just like with human ailments, it’s important for cat owners to recognize when they have a situation under control and when they’re in way over their heads.

    Warbles Infection in Cats: How Rodent Hunters Become Unwitting Hosts!

    Cat owners usually don’t see anything wrong with their furry companions hunting mice in the backyard. After all, it’s what they do best! But many parasites lurk in the soil, including the dreaded warble.

    What Exactly is Mange in Dogs?


    Mange is a skin disease in dogs known for causing severe itching and bald patches along a dog’s body. The condition is caused by parasites known as mites that can infest and irritate your dog’s skin. Sadly, the symptoms of mange can be quite disturbing to see, especially when there are scabs and discolorations on the skin.

    Pet Acne: What Is it and How Can You Treat It?

    Humans are no strangers to blackheads and zits. Acne plagues our skin for a number of reasons, and it can be difficult (and sometimes painful!) to get rid of. But did you know that pets can suffer some of the same skin afflictions?

    Is Coconut Oil Good for Pets?

    Coconut oil is a staple in most pantries thanks to its range of health and beauty applications in humans. Understandably, many pet parents have begun to wonder whether coconut oil might have similar benefits for their four-legged friends. But is coconut oil safe for pets, and what benefits might it offer?

    Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Cat Care

    Cats have some unique care needs, and these are made even more apparent in the winter months. Once the temperatures drop, snow begins to fall and the days get shorter, you might need to implement a few more elements into your cat’s daily routines.

    Can Dogs Get Cold Sores?


    Anyone who’s ever had a cold sore understands the agitation that goes along with it. These raised bumps and blisters prove unsightly, uncomfortable and unpredictable. But what you might not know is that our furry friends can also experience this unfortunate affliction.

    Why You Need to Catch Your Cat's Yeast Infection Early

    Cats are susceptible to all sorts of infections, affecting everything from their ears to their skin to their lungs. But what makes a big difference in how these infections are treated is the type of microorganism that’s causing them. While many people assume bacteria is to blame for most infections, fungal infections can cause very similar problems for your cat’s health.

    Bacterial Infections in Dogs: Understanding MRSA and MRSP

    Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to infections caused by harmful bacteria. Millions of bacteria exist in and on your dog’s body, but an overgrowth of one type in particular could lead to health problems. In many cases, these infections can be treated easily with a combination of your pet’s immune system and an antibiotic medication—but not always.

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