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Is Your Kitty Sneezing Because of Allergies... or Something More Serious?

Around this time of year, spring blooms are in full swing, windows are open, and more people are enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, this also means seasonal allergies are more common, in both

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Sneezing While Play Fighting is Your Dog's Way of Telling You It's Just a Game

Any dog owner knows that their pooch loves to have a good time. Many dogs are capable of getting pretty rowdy—wrestling, chasing people or other animals and playing tug-of-war. Playing with your pup

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4 Tips to Avoid Triggering Your Dog's Allergies, While Still Enjoying the Springtime Weather

Warmer weather is finally emerging, and many pet owners are itching to get outside and enjoy the nice, springtime weather as soon as they can. But for owners of a dog with seasonal allergies, another

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6 Common Symptoms and Signs Your Pet Suffers from Seasonal Springtime Allergies

When spring finally emerges, many pet owners get excited to take their pets outside more often for walks and playtime in the yard or in parks. What pet owners may be surprised to discover, though, is

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