Stress & Anxiety

    Introduce Your Resident Cat to a New Kitten with Less Stress

    Stress & Anxiety

    4 Self-Soothing Behaviors That Might Indicate Feline Anxiety

    Stress & Anxiety

    5 Steps to Easier Car Travel with Your Pet

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    How You Can Tell If Your Pet is Bored at Home

    As much as we would like to, we can’t take our pets with us every time we leave the house. Unfortunately, that means that your pup or cat might be hanging out at home for hours at a time as you travel from work to school to social events and, eventually, back home.

    Don’t Let Your Cat Chew on Cords... or Any of These Other Objects!

    Although dogs usually get a bad rap for chewing on household items, cats can also partake in destructive chewing from time to time. Discovering your cat chewing on something in your home can be frustrating, especially when it’s an item you can’t easily hide or get rid of.

    A Bored Cat Can Wreak Destruction on Your Home

    Help Your Pets Stress Less During Your Holiday Parties

    Holidays are a time of fun and cheer for many, but they can also be a time of stress and fatigue. Just like you may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from party planning and the whirlwind of guests coming and going from your home, your pets can also feel this way.

    Spooked and Startled: How to Desensitize Your Dog to Its Fears

    In many ways, raising a dog is like raising a child. There’s more to it than giving your dog food, water and exercise each day—you also have to teach them and make sure they’re learning how to behave properly. This includes everything from house training them to making sure they don’t chew on things that don’t belong to them.

    Can Cat Pheromones Alleviate Your Kitty's Stress & Anxiety?

    If you have one or more cats that experience intense bouts of anxiety, you may have taken them to the vet to discuss ways to alleviate that stress. After all, stressed cats are at higher risk for digestive problems, lower immunity and other health issues. They can also be a nightmare to live with.

    Is Your Mobile Toddler the Source of Your Cat's Newfound Anxiety?

    A lot of pet owners get their furry friends before deciding to have children. Unfortunately, a surprising number of new parents make the decision to put their cat up for adoption when having a child due to fear of toxoplasmosis, allergies and bad interactions between the two.

    Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Overcome Separation Anxiety

    Dogs that terrorize the house while the owners are away are often assumed to have behavioral problems caused by a lack of training. While this certainly may be the case in some scenarios, other dogs may have a bigger issue than bad behavior. These dogs may actually be panicking due to separation anxiety.

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