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    10 of the Most Common Pet Stressors

    Summer holidays always catch pets by surprise. Every year, the bright flash of fireworks makes fur babies flee to their hiding spots. Thanks to the festivities of July 4th, pet parents have become well aware of how external factors affect their furry companion’s mental health.

    What Stress & Anxiety Can Do to Your Pup's Health

    Stress and anxiety are easy to spot in dogs. They become afflicted with tummy troubles and the insatiable urge to chew up the entire house. Despite these warning signs, pet parents commonly misbelieve that stress doesn’t affect their dog’s physical health. But diarrhea isn’t the only problem—anxious pups are more likely to contract diseases and suffer from malnutrition.

    How You Can Limit Destruction from Your Stressed-Out Chewers

    Destructive chewing is an unfortunate side effect of dog anxiety. Leave the room for a brief moment, and your stressed pup might seize the opportunity to shred your throw pillows! This unwanted behavior isn’t just frustrating for pet parents. Your home is filled with choking hazards your dog can’t wait to put between their jaws.

    How to Prepare Your Cat for a Night of Fireworks

    The summer brings lots of cherished festivities—swimming, picnics, barbecues and, unfortunately, fireworks. Every year, pet parents forget about the impact of fireworks until they see a little fuzzball shivering under the couch. People might be fascinated by the colorful displays, but to a cat, fireworks are downright terrifying.

    8 Tips for Navigating Life with an Anxious Dog

    Some pups are more anxious than others. If your dog lives with chronic anxiety, the smallest things can set them off. Car rides, dog parks and social gatherings may seem nearly impossible.

    How Stress Is Straining Your Cat's Health

    Pet parents underestimate how damaging stress can be on their cats. One-time incidents are inevitable, like dropping silverware on the floor. However, be careful not to overlook consistent stressors like a new home or other household pets.

    Treat Your Pet to Their Very Own Spa Day

    People often forget to schedule self-care, and the same goes for their pets. Many of your favorite pastimes—exercise, aromatherapy and a massage—can relax dogs and cats, too! It’s important to plan regular spa days for your fur baby to look after their health and show how much you care.

    Managing General Anxiety in Dogs and Cats

    Anxiety can set in before pet parents have a chance to react. A knock on the door or a crowded dog park can send your pet into a bout of uncontrollable shaking or sprinting all over the place. You can’t prevent anxiety every single time, but a few simple tricks can help your fur baby calm down a whole lot faster.

    Pawsitive Reinforcement for Less-Stressed Training

    Many pet parents are quick to snap at their dogs when they misbehave. After all, it’s frustrating when dogs repeatedly poop in the house or tear up the couch cushions. But punishing them only teaches fear—not obedience. Punishment may work in the moment, but owners who use this training tactic will find the bad behavior happens over and over again.

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