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    8 Tips for Making Dogs Less Nervous in the Car

    There are two kinds of dogs: those who love car rides and those who absolutely despise them. Every pet parent wants their pup to experience what it’s like to feel the wind in their fur, tongue lolling to the side as they stick their head out the window. Unfortunately, many owners find their pups shivering and whimpering in the back seat, instead.

    8 Ways to Help Your Anxious Pet When You Return to Work

    The past few years have seen an influx of people working from home. A remote work environment is challenging at times, but not for your pet! They love having you at their beck and call. For pets, owners working from home is a dream come true.

    4 Common Triggers for Rescue Pets and How to be Mindful of Them

    Rescue pets tend to be a lot more sensitive to their environment than shelter or store-bought animals. Something as mundane as a ringing doorbell can send your furry friend into a frenzy that’s deeply rooted in abuse and neglect. Pet parents can never fully understand what an animal has been through. All that matters moving forward is learning to recognize their triggers and responding in the most effective ways.

    Rescue Pups May Have Bad Habits: Be Patient With Them!

    All too many dog owners miss out on the joys of adopting a rescue pup. They see behavioral issues and go running to pet stores, instead. Behaviors like aggression and separation anxiety deter people because they believe rescue pups are damaged forever. What they fail to see is that all dogs need training, regardless of whether they’re rescued, adopted or store bought. Rescue dogs aren’t a lost cause—they’re still capable of giving and receiving love!

    How to Prevent and Treat Puppy Separation Anxiety

    Dealing with separation anxiety is a pretty normal part of raising a puppy. They’ll whine and scratch at the door, desperate for your return. It’s no wonder they want to be around you all the time—you’re the one who rescued them! However, pet parents can’t stay home forever, so young pups have to make peace with some alone time.

    Can Gentle Massage Soothe Anxious Cats?

    Some cats love to be rubbed all over, while others prefer to keep their distance. But if your feline friend is suffering from stress and anxiety, a gentle massage might be just what they need to calm down!

    Do Cats Experience Separation Anxiety?

    Cats have a bad reputation for being loners. Many people think of felines the opposite of how they think of dogs, assuming they are content to be alone and even prefer it to the company of other pets or humans. This is why some cat owners are shocked to discover that their kitty has developed separation anxiety.

    Why Is My Independent Cat So Clingy All of the Sudden?


    A lot of cats like their independence. Unlike dogs, these aloof furballs are praised for being low maintenance and taking care of themselves. Aside from mealtime, cats bathe, use the litter box and do pretty much everything else without the help of humans. It’s hard to imagine such proud felines acting clingy, which is why a suddenly clingy kitty can raise some suspicion.

    Is Your Home's Layout Causing Your Kitty Stress?

    Cats are particular creatures. At times they may seem comfortable and outgoing, but at others, they might get spooked by seemingly small things. This is why it can be so difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of stress if your feline friend appears more anxious than usual.

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