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    Beware of Hot Asphalt and the Effects it Can Have on Your Pooch's Paws

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    Water Safety Tips for Your Pup

    General Wellbeing

    Keep Your Dog Cool as Temperatures Rise

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    5 Steps to Letting Your Cat Outside This Summer Without Worry

    Although many people consider cats to be “inside” animals, an increasing number of pet owners are allowing their cats to roam around outside or are taking them on outdoor adventures. This can be great, as long as your cat’s temperament allows for it.

    Protect Your Dog's Skin from Harm in the Summer Sun

    With the spring and summer heat intensifying in the sky, most pet owners are packing a tube of sunscreen with them for their outdoor adventures. But have your thought about how you’re going to protect Fido’s skin?

    Hot Cars and Your Dog: Two Things that Should Never Go Together

    It is officially summer, and the temperatures across the nation keep rising. Unfortunately, summer is also the time that many dogs and other pets suffer from heat stroke due to being left in vehicles in high temps.

    Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Cool This Summer

    Summer is here, and it’s a great opportunity to get out and have fun with your pet. But the weather can bring added risks that may result in tragedy. For example, we hear the warnings every year, but still there are some people who leave their dogs in the car. On a summer’s day, if the outside temperature is 85°, it can climb above 100° inside the car in less than ten minutes.

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