How to Help Protect a Stray Cat From the Summer Sun


    Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs? Understanding Pooch Pool Safety


    Summertime Parasite Protection for Your Outdoor Cat

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    Heatstroke Can Affect Cats, Too!

    As the weather starts to heat up and your family begins making plans to spend more time outdoors, practicing warm weather safety with your cat will be vital to keeping them happy and playful all summer long. Much like humans, cats that spend too much time in extremely warm environments—whether that is in a particularly hot house, a car or outdoors without the cover of shade—can suffer discomfort or distress from extended heat exposure.  

    How to Keep Pets Safe Around Your Vegetable Garden

    Summer vegetable gardens are great for providing fresh herbs and veggies for your household. Maintaining them can even be a fun pastime for you and your family. Unfortunately, if you’re a pet owner, vegetable gardens can also be a source of stress or danger.

    6 Reasons to Be Cautious with Your Pets Around Outdoor Water

    On warm, summer days, many pet owners like to let their pups take a dive in a nearby body of water to splash around and cool off. Although this can be lots of fun for your furry friend, not all bodies of water are safe for pets to swim in. A number of potential risks await in these water features and could cause your pet harm if you’re not careful.

    The Dos and Don'ts of Insect Repellent for Pets

    If you’re planning on making the most of the spring and summer seasons, you’re likely to be outdoors more often than not. While you’re out there, you’ll have to contend with nature’s most abhorrent pest: mosquitoes. These literal bloodsuckers are more than just annoying—they can also be deadly, depending on the diseases they’re carrying. Needless to say, it’s important to protect yourself and your pet from them.

    Beware of Hot Asphalt and the Effects it Can Have on Your Pooch's Paws

    When the sun is shining overhead and the temperature is balmy, you may be itching to get out and take your pup for a walk. But while we wear shoes to protect our feet, we must be mindful that our dogs don’t get the same luxury.

    Water Safety Tips for Your Pup

    In the summer heat, our pups love to find the nearest body of water to dive into, splash around in and drink to keep them cool. While this is perfectly fine when you’ve set up a shallow kiddie pool in the backyard for your dog, it can quickly become dangerous around other bodies of water.

    Keep Your Dog Cool as Temperatures Rise

    Summer temperatures are starting to appear, and for humans, that means more outdoor activities, pool or beach days and sunbathing. But for our furry friends, summer can be potentially dangerous, especially if they’re left in a situation in which the heat becomes too much for them.

    5 Steps to Letting Your Cat Outside This Summer Without Worry

    Although many people consider cats to be “inside” animals, an increasing number of pet owners are allowing their cats to roam around outside or are taking them on outdoor adventures. This can be great, as long as your cat’s temperament allows for it.

    Protect Your Dog's Skin from Harm in the Summer Sun

    With the spring and summer heat intensifying in the sky, most pet owners are packing a tube of sunscreen with them for their outdoor adventures. But have your thought about how you’re going to protect Fido’s skin?

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