Why It's Important to Protect Your Pet's Skin from Summer Sun

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    7 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs


    The Dangers Mosquitoes Pose to Pets

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    How to Spot & Treat Poison Ivy's Itchy Effects

    Warm weather is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for a hike along your favorite nature trail with your pup. Everything has started to bloom, including the bane of every dog’s existence: poison ivy.

    Understand Where This Form of Cat Skin Cancer Comes From

    Before you go outside in the sun, you probably put on sunscreen or wear protective clothing to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. But have you ever thought about providing the same preventative care to your cats?

    8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

    At the peak of the summer season, you and your family might be itching to get out and have fun but aren’t sure what to do. The weather’s nice, the kids are off of school, and you’re eager for excitement…but what can you do to get the whole family involved, including your furry friends?

    5 Insects That Are Harmful to Pets

    Summer is here, and pet owners everywhere are itching to spend some time outdoors in the nice, sunny weather. Unfortunately, summer also means more insects will be out and might leave you and your pets “itching” in another way! Creepy crawlers are more than just a nuisance—they can actually be dangerous to our furry friends.

    Indoor Cats Can Still Suffer from Allergies!

    When spring and summer roll around, people with allergies know to stock up on antihistamine and allergy relief products for when they head outside and face pollen, ragweed and other allergens. But while you know to prepare for allergy season since you go outside, you may forget that your furry friends indoors might still be affected.

    How to Help Protect a Stray Cat From the Summer Sun


    Has a furry guest been paying you a visit? Perhaps you’ve been gardening in the backyard and spotted a cat in the shadows, looking on with curious eyes. Although stray cats are elusive, you’ll see them around more often if you provide a nice home.

    Is Chlorine Bad for Dogs? Understanding Pooch Pool Safety

    Summer is finally here, which means it’s time for a dip in the pool. It’s tempting to jump right in without a second thought. But as you enjoy the refreshing water with your dog, concerns might be floating at the back of your mind. You’re probably wondering: Is it safe for my dog to swim in all these pool chemicals?

    Summertime Parasite Protection for Your Outdoor Cat


    If you’re going to let your cat partake in the great outdoors, it’s important to recognize the greater responsibilities that come with it. In letting them out of the house—especially to roam free—you’re opening them up to a wave of new concerns. Some you have no control over; others, like protecting them against parasites, are your responsibility.

    Heatstroke Can Affect Cats, Too!

    As the weather starts to heat up and your family begins making plans to spend more time outdoors, practicing warm weather safety with your cat will be vital to keeping them happy and playful all summer long. Much like humans, cats that spend too much time in extremely warm environments—whether that is in a particularly hot house, a car or outdoors without the cover of shade—can suffer discomfort or distress from extended heat exposure.  

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