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    How to Prepare Your Cat for a Night of Fireworks

    The summer brings lots of cherished festivities—swimming, picnics, barbecues and, unfortunately, fireworks. Every year, pet parents forget about the impact of fireworks until they see a little fuzzball shivering under the couch. People might be fascinated by the colorful displays, but to a cat, fireworks are downright terrifying.

    Do I Need To Change My Pet's Diet in the Summertime?

    Most pet parents wouldn’t think to change their fur baby’s diet in the warmer months. They feed their four-legged companions the same kibble all year round. While there’s nothing wrong with this type of diet, certain ingredients are more appealing to cats and dogs during the summertime.

    Why It's Important to Protect Your Pet's Skin from Summer Sun

    Imagine what you’d pack for a day at the beach—sunscreen, refreshing beverages, protective clothing and an umbrella to create a shady spot. Your furry companions need all that gear, too!

    7 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

    Summer is a time for hikes, barbeques, swimming and fireworks. It’s only natural that dog lovers will want to bring their furry companions along for the ride. Unfortunately, for dogs, summer can also mean heartworms, sunburn and heat stroke.

    The Dangers Mosquitoes Pose to Pets

    It’s that time of year again. The sun’s out, everything’s in bloom, and the number-one summer pest is back: mosquitoes.

    How to Spot & Treat Poison Ivy's Itchy Effects

    Warm weather is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for a hike along your favorite nature trail with your pup. Everything has started to bloom, including the bane of every dog’s existence: poison ivy.

    Understand Where This Form of Cat Skin Cancer Comes From

    Before you go outside in the sun, you probably put on sunscreen or wear protective clothing to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. But have you ever thought about providing the same preventative care to your cats?

    8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

    At the peak of the summer season, you and your family might be itching to get out and have fun but aren’t sure what to do. The weather’s nice, the kids are off of school, and you’re eager for excitement…but what can you do to get the whole family involved, including your furry friends?

    5 Insects That Are Harmful to Pets

    Summer is here, and pet owners everywhere are itching to spend some time outdoors in the nice, sunny weather. Unfortunately, summer also means more insects will be out and might leave you and your pets “itching” in another way! Creepy crawlers are more than just a nuisance—they can actually be dangerous to our furry friends.

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