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    Introducing Pet Wellbeing's Chewable for Senior Health Support in Dogs

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    Introducing Epic Mushroom Chewies: Pet Wellbeing's Chewable for Immune, Cognitive and Stress Support in Dogs

    Dogs encounter toxins and stressful situations that can weaken the immune system. These obstacles are unavoidable, as are the effects of aging on the brain. That led us to create Epic Mushroom Chewies, a six-mushroom blend that provides immune, cognitive and stress support for dogs—all rolled into one soft chew.

    Learn How Turkey Tail Mushroom Can Boost Your Pet's Immune System

    A number of things can bog down your pet’s immune system. Stress, inflammation, free radicals—these factors and more can dampen their immunity, opening the door to allergies, infections and even cancer. No matter which obstacles your pet faces, every furry companion could use a little extra immune support.

    Do Pets Like Mushroom Supplements?

    There’s no doubt that medicinal mushrooms are great for dogs and cats. These special mushrooms are packed with nutrients that can provide immune support, reduce oxidative stress and improve cognitive function. But the question is, will your furry friend actually eat them?

    Senior Dog Supplements 101

    Senior dogs aren’t the spry little pups they once were. Over the years, you may notice it takes your dog longer than usual to get up the stairs. They might forget where their food bowls are, or crunchy treats might become too hard for their teeth.

    How Chewables Make Pet Health Easier to Achieve

    Many pet parents recognize the value of pet health supplements. They want to feed supplements to their pets, but too many obstacles stand in the way. Supplements can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. And if a pet refuses to take their supplements, all that time, money and effort would amount to nothing.

    Are Chewable Supplements Better for Your Dog?

    For many pet parents, the question isn’t whether or not their dog needs to take daily supplements. It’s, which supplement should they choose? With so many options on the market, it’s hard to tell the difference between supplemental pills, capsules, tinctures and chewables. They all provide the same nutrients, leaving pet parents to wonder why different types exist in the first place.

    7 Ways to Make Giving Pills to Your Dog Less Scary

    There may come a time when your pup has to start taking pills. Giving your dog a pill might sound easy, but getting them to swallow it is a whole different story. Finicky pups have been known to spit out pills or eat around ones tossed in with their regular food. Stick the pill in your dog’s mouth, and they might chomp down on your fingers!

    Chewable Supplements vs Liquid Supplements for Dogs

    The time has come to pick out a supplement for your dog. As you browse the pet food aisle, an overwhelming number of options sit before you. Dozens of supplements share the same ingredients and potential health benefits. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for your pup.

    Do This After Your Pet's Vaccination or Prescription Medication!

    A pet parent has to make some big decisions about their furry companion’s health. Many choose to vaccinate their pets and administer medication when necessary because the benefits far outweigh the potential side effects. Although modern medicine can transform a pet’s health for the better, it has also been known to wreak havoc on the detoxification systems.

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