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    Pets on Prescription Medication Need this Herb

    Modern medicine has saved countless pet lives. Prescription medication has the power to cure or slow the progression of life-threatening illnesses. However, every medication comes with a list of potential side effects. The medicine that’s saving your pet’s life may also cause hidden damage to vital organs.

    How Melatonin Does More Than Help Your Pet Sleep

    People commonly take melatonin supplements to help themselves sleep better at night. Known for its role in regulating circadian rhythms, melatonin is often regarded as the hormone that’ll make you feel sleepy.

    8 Must-Have Pet Products for a Long, Healthy Life


    One question many pet parents ask is, “Am I doing enough for my pet?” Your furry friend may seem fine, but owners are often left wondering if there’s more they could do to support their pet’s general health. The simple answer is yes—our fur babies have a complex network of bodily systems that require daily maintenance for a long, healthy and comfortable life.

    Which Cats Benefit Most from Immune Support?

    The average adult cat has a healthy immune system. If a cat gets sick, they can take it in stride and make a speedy recovery. However, not all cats are that lucky. Factors like age, chronic illness and medical history play a role in determining which cats need more help than others.

    7 Benefits of Daily Probiotics for Dogs

    Probiotics aren’t just for humans—they can help out your furry friend, too! Pet owners and their canine companions share similar ailments, most of all tummy issues. It’s not uncommon for owners to witness their poor pups suffering from the occasional bout of diarrhea, bloating and gas. Luckily, probiotics can help.

    Why Pet Health Supplements Are Worth It

    Many pet parents fall into the trap of believing supplements are useless. Owners think food, water and exercise is enough to keep their furry friends healthy. Unfortunately, some cats and dogs live with nutritional deficiencies without their owners realizing it or are predisposed to health problems that supplements may help prevent. Supplements are for the young and old, big and small, healthy and sick—and here’s why.

    How Integrative Medicine Can Support Pet Allergies

    Many pet owners know what it’s like to watch their furry friends suffer through allergy season. Prescription drugs come with a slew of side effects, but natural alternatives might not be enough on their own. A combined approach—also known as integrative medicine—may be what your pet needs to curb their discomfort.

    How Integrative Medicine Can Support Pet Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease that affects not only humans but also our furry companions. To keep pets’ blood sugar stable, vets usually prescribe insulin injections. However, many owners are left wanting to do more for their diabetic pets. That’s why more pet owners and holistic vets are turning to integrative medicine.

    Learn These 5 Pet-Friendly Uses for CBD Before Trying It

    With CBD growing in popularity among humans, it makes sense that pet owners would want their furry companions to join in on the healing properties of this useful plant. Pet Wellbeing doesn't provide CDB products, but we believe in providing pet parents with the all the facts when it comes to pet health!

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