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When Is It Appropriate to Crate Train a Cat?

When most pet parents think of crate training, they think of dogs. Cats tend to be more independent and typically don’t require crating for discipline, sleeping and other training activities.

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The Excessive Barking Needs to Stop: Here's How to Quiet Your Pup

Barking is the way your dog communicates with you and the world around it. Your pooch might bark at a passing stranger, at you when you return home, at an unfamiliar animal or for no reason in

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Sniff Everything! Why is Your Dog So Preoccupied During Walks?

Ever try taking your dog for a walk, only to have it stop and sniff every single tree, hydrant, sign post, lamp and anything else anchored to the ground? It’s a situation that can quickly lead to

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Planning a Stress-Free Introduction Between Your Resident Cat and a New Dog

Some people consider themselves dog people; others are cat people through and through. Even more people love both animals equally. But when it comes to choosing a pet, what’s the animal lover to do?

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How To Be The Best Pet-Parent: A Guide For First-Time Dog Owners

For first-time dog owners, the responsibility that comes with taking care of a new animal can be a bit overwhelming. It’s important to be prepared from the very beginning, starting before you even

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Do Cats Have The Same Effects On Children As Dogs?

Disclaimer: This article is in no way meant to insinuate that cats are responsible for mental health problems in children.

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