Why Does My Pet Have Itchy, Allergic Skin in Winter?


    Cold Weather Dos and Don'ts for Outdoor Pets


    5 Indoor Exercises for Dogs This Winter

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    Can Pets Experience Seasonal Depression?

    When the winter blues start affecting humans, pet parents often ask, “Can my pet experience seasonal depression, too?” The short answer is maybe.

    Persistent Pet Itching: Is it Dry Skin or Allergies?

    Pets itch from time to time. But if they’re itching all the time, it becomes a problem! Pet parents can usually tell when something’s wrong, but it’s not as easy to tell what’s causing the skin to itch so badly. Some owners chock it up to general dryness, while others suspect allergies could be to blame. Either way, a vet’s diagnosis is necessary to get to the bottom of the issue.

    Be Mindful of Antifreeze and De-Icing Salts on Dog Walks

    There’s no question as to why humans wear snow boots in winter. The sidewalks are freezing and covered with toxic de-icing salts. If we need protective gear, so do our dogs!

    10 Tips for Preparing Your Pets for Winter

    It’s that time of year again! The temperatures are dropping, neighbors are salting their driveways, and the days are getting shorter. Many pet parents are so focused on acclimating themselves to the cold, they don’t stop to wonder if their furry friends also need winter protection.

    Winter is Coming: What You Should Know About Boots and Coats for Pets

    Don’t forget to grab a jacket—it’s getting chilly out there! The icy tundra of winter will be here before you know it. Pet parents get bundled up for winter walks, but what about our four-legged friends? We can’t speak with our pets, so many of us are left wondering whether our companions would appreciate some protection from the cold.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Winter Cat Care

    Cats have some unique care needs, and these are made even more apparent in the winter months. Once the temperatures drop, snow begins to fall and the days get shorter, you might need to implement a few more elements into your cat’s daily routines.

    5 Ways Pets Are Affected by Winter’s Shorter Days

    Winter’s shorter days and colder temperatures are known for having a range of effects on humans, but did you know they can affect pets, too? Both dogs and cats experience a number of changes, physically and behaviorally, once the temperatures dip and the sun goes down earlier in the day.

    The Deadly Reality of Leaving Dogs Outside in the Winter

    Hypothermia in dogs is no joke. Just like with humans, the condition can rapidly become fatal if not treated immediately. If hypothermia sets in, there is a series of simple steps you should take to save your four-legged companion. This winter, take extra care to protect you and your dog against the elements!

    Do Dogs Really Need Boots in the Winter?

    When winter begins and snow and ice begin to pile up outside, it’s tempting to curl up under a blanket and hide away from the cold. Unfortunately for pet owners, though, dogs still need to go outside to do their business and get some daily exercise in!

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