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    4 Ways That Pet Supplements Make Better Holiday Gifts Than Treats

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    Brrr: It's Cold! Understand Your Cat's Natural Body Temperature

    When adjusting your home’s temperature to keep yourself and your family comfortable, you probably don’t think twice about your cat. After all, if you’re comfortable, it’s likely that your cat is too, right?

    Beware Salt in Your Dog's Paw Pads After Winter Walks

    Can Cats Experience Allergies in Winter?


    It’s not always well-known that cats can experience allergy symptoms much like humans can. Sneezing, watery eyes, itching and other problems are actually quite common in our feline friends, and one of the top causes of these issues is seasonal allergies.

    Help Your Pets Stress Less During Your Holiday Parties

    Holidays are a time of fun and cheer for many, but they can also be a time of stress and fatigue. Just like you may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from party planning and the whirlwind of guests coming and going from your home, your pets can also feel this way.

    6 Ideas to Celebrate Holiday Festivities with Your Pets

    We all eagerly await and feel excited about the holidays. Holidays are the time to enjoy fine dining and spending time with loved ones. And, one of the most beloved members of the family is your pet.

    Does My Pet Require Cold Weather Protection?

    When the temperatures drop outside, us humans don winter jackets, hats, scarves, mittens and many extra layers to stay toasty warm. We wouldn’t think to leave our house without these items in order to brave the harsh winds and snow outside.

    You May Need to Change Your Dog's Feeding Habits this Winter

    Now that winter is officially here, and the cold has crept into many places around the world, we’ve been cranking our thermostats, donning winter jackets and adjusting our lives to fit with the weather. But have you considered that you need to make a few changes for your dog, as well? One of the major things pet owners forget when winter approaches is that our pets need some adjusting for the cold, too—and one of the most-forgotten items on the list has to do with food.

    Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

    It’s almost the holiday season, and homes around the world are getting ready to host parties and celebrations of many different winter holidays. In addition to the food, guest list and party schedule, pet owners should also be wary of one additional thing: potential hazards for their pets.

    Winter Weather Poses a Threat to Your Pooch's Paws

    Winter is right around the corner, and for many dog owners, that means, so are ice and snow. Dogs have an amazing ability to withstand very low temperature in their feet. But that doesn’t mean that continuously walking on ice, snow and road salt won’t have an effect on their paws.

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