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    Does My Pet Require Cold Weather Protection?


    You May Need to Change Your Dog's Feeding Habits this Winter

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    Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

    It’s almost the holiday season, and homes around the world are getting ready to host parties and celebrations of many different winter holidays. In addition to the food, guest list and party schedule, pet owners should also be wary of one additional thing: potential hazards for their pets.

    Winter Weather Poses a Threat to Your Pooch's Paws

    Winter is right around the corner, and for many dog owners, that means, so are ice and snow. Dogs have an amazing ability to withstand very low temperature in their feet. But that doesn’t mean that continuously walking on ice, snow and road salt won’t have an effect on their paws.

    Eradicate Fleas in Your Home Before Winter

    It’s almost winter, which means that most of the creepy, crawly insects that hover around your home in the summer months are either dying off or preparing to lay low. However, one type of pest might actually be making its way inside your home before the cold settles in: cat fleas.

    Keep Your Dog Safe During The Winter With These Tips

    Winter can be a wonderful time of year, bringing forth snow-capped mountain peaks and trees glistening with icicles. But despite its beauty, winter can also bring dangerously cold temperatures, and not just for humans. In this post, we'll discuss different ways to keep your dog warm and safe when the mercury starts to drop.

    Four Signs It’s Too Cold To Take Your Pet Outside

    The massive snowfall and drop in temperature throughout the country has many pet owners wondering if it is safe for their pets to be outside for extended periods of time. A warm coat on top of your pet’s thick fur might seem like sufficient protection but depending on a variety of factors, taking your dog for a decent walk or leaving your cat in the backyard could seriously endanger their health. These factors mainly revolve around your pet’s behavior after being outside, the type of pet you have, and of course, the severity of the weather in your community. Every winter brings different weather and your pet’s health is subject to change, so you cannot just assume this year’s cold is going to be just as safe as last year.

    5 Things To Keep In Mind As You Prepare Your Dog For Winter

    Dogs are just like your home and car in that they must be physically prepared for winter to avoid harm. This is because dogs need to go out multiple times a day, despite the various hazards that await them as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Fortunately, it’s very easy to keep your dog safe as long as you follow a few simple guidelines about the right clothes and behavioral tips.

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