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    Everything You Wanted to Know About Kidney Disease in Dogs

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    This is How Spring Cleaning Puts Your Pet in Danger

    It’s officially springtime, and the nicer weather is encouraging people everywhere to open the windows, grab the cleaning supplies and do a bit of spring cleaning to freshen up their homes. Although spring cleaning can be a refreshing chore, for pet owners, it can also be the source of danger for cats and dogs.

    April is Cushing's Disease Awareness Month

    That's right! April is Cushing’s Disease Awareness Month, designed to inform all pet owners about this endocrine disorder and its effects. What do you know about Cushing's and how it affects our pets' adrenal glands? Learn how to identify, treat, and understand the disease to be prepared for your pet's wellbeing.

    7 Ways to Stop Your Dog's Spring Allergies Before They Start

    After a long and cold winter, most people and their pets are eager for the warmer weather and longer days of spring. But if you have a pet with seasonal allergies, you might feel the exact opposite! Helping a pup manage springtime allergies can be challenging—you’d do almost anything to save them from the scratching, licking, sneezing and inflammation that atopic dermatitis can cause.

    These Changes to Your Cat's Paw Might Indicate a Serious Infection

    Cats don’t get the luxury of wearing shoes like humans do—nor would they want to! Our feline friends use their nimble paws and claws to walk, run, climb and leap around the home and find their delicate footing. Unfortunately, their paws’ exposure to indoor and outdoor hazards leaves them vulnerable to wounds and infections.

    This is Why Socializing Puppies is So Important

    After adopting a new puppy, you might be nervous about taking them out to the city or dog parks to interact with other pets. After all, a little puppy could easily be hurt by an animal or frightened by an unfamiliar situation, right?

    6 Signs Your Cat Has a Thyroid Problem

    As humans, we know of a few common thyroid conditions that can plague us as we age. But did you know that our pets can experience these conditions, too?

    Learn the Differences Between Acute & Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs

    The kidneys are crucial to your dog’s overall health. Unfortunately, like all parts of the body, they are subject to damage and deterioration over time. Kidney, or renal, failure is a common health problem in dogs and is often the final stage of kidney disease or other ailments that overwork the kidneys.

    4 Common Types of Cat Cancer

    Few diagnoses in our furry friends are as scary and overwhelming as cancer. For most pet parents, finding out their beloved cat has cancer can be just as devastating as hearing the news from a friend or family member.

    Why Your Dog Insists on Ripping the Stuffing Out of Everything!

    Almost every pet owner has returned from the pet store with a new stuffed animal for their pup, only to find that same toy completely destroyed not even a day later. Some dogs take this obsession with stuffing to the next level, de-fluffing almost anything soft and squishy: their bed, pillows, couch cushions and more.

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