Beware the Dangers of Halloween Treats for Dogs


    The History of Black Cat Lore Isn’t as Spooky as it Seems


    Yellow Eyes, Nausea, Pain? Sounds Like Symptoms of This Dog Issue

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    Help Your Cat Eat Slower & Safer with These Tips

    Most cat owners are familiar with the ravenous appetite their cats work up when mealtime approaches. Once the food bowl is prepared, it’s difficult to get your feline friend to slow down and enjoy their food. And, for some kitties, their speedy eating might be to their detriment.

    4 Types of Skin Cancer in Dogs

    Whether due to UV ray exposure or other factors, dogs are susceptible to skin cancer. While cancer of any type is terrifying to most pet parents, in the case of canine skin cancer, the condition is often easier to identify and to treat before it becomes much more serious.

    Why the Heck is My Cat Eating Non-Food Items?

    Cats aren’t quite like dogs, who seem to have the urge to put anything and everything into their mouths. This is why it’s so bizarre to see a cat attempting to eat things that aren’t remotely close to food. As it turns out, the urge to eat non-food items stems from a condition called pica.

    Learn How to Spot the Signs of a Concussion in Your Pup

    If your dog likes to leap and run with little regard to where they’re going, you might have a good laugh at their clumsy movement or a tumble or two. But if your pup isn’t careful, they could run right into something and give themselves a head injury!

    4 Risks of High Blood Pressure in Cats

    In the same way that high blood pressure is dangerous for humans, it is dangerous for our furry friends. This condition has the potential to cause lasting damage to your cat’s health if it’s not addressed quickly.

    10 Tips for Pet Food Storage Safety


    If you have a cat or dog, you probably have cans or bags of pet food laying around the house. But have you put much thought into how you store that food? Many pet owners don’t, and it could be dangerous for your pets.

    Are Humidifiers Good for Pets?

    Dry air is a difficult thing to contend with. Whether due to your home’s climate or the changing of the seasons, reduced humidity can cause a range of challenges, including dry skin, sleep trouble and breathing problems. To help alleviate these issues for both humans and pets, you might consider using a humidifier.

    6 Fun and Safe Ways to Celebrate Fall with Your Pets

    As the weather starts to cool off and the leaves on the trees change colors, you’re likely getting ready to do some of your favorite fall activities. If you have a furry friend—or a few—at home, don’t be afraid to bring them along! There are tons of fun fall activities both cats and dogs can enjoy to help make the season even more festive.

    Can Dogs Get Eczema?

    While eczema is extremely common in humans, it is also capable of affecting pets. However, most vets will refer to the condition by the name of “atopic dermatitis.”

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