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    8 Ailments That Commonly Affect Large-Breed Dogs

    Some people gravitate toward big dogs. They love Mastiffs who think they’re lap dogs or Bernese Mountain Dogs that make everything around them seem small by comparison. The list of big breeds goes on and on—from slender Afghan hounds to clumsy Great Danes, slobbery St. Bernards to fluffy Cuvacs. These breeds are all unique and different in their own way, but all have size in common.

    The Dos and Don'ts of Treating Pet Pain

    When our pets are in pain due to an illness or injury, we as pet parents want to do all that we can to make it better. It’s never fun to see our pets suffer, but sometimes, our efforts to help can do even more harm.

    5 Natural Remedies for Digestive Problems in Dogs

    From illness to anxiety to a bad batch of food, any number of things can bring on an upset stomach. It’s the same for your dog, too. If they’re feeling particularly stressed or got into people food they shouldn’t eat, they could be dealing with an upset stomach. And while they can’t tell you about it, the signs are hard to miss.

    6 Reasons Your Cat Howls All Night Long

    Your cat might be sleepy and quiet throughout the day, but at night, they might come alive, running and playing throughout the house. But what’s even more disruptive is the persistent yowling and crying some cats do throughout the wee hours of the morning while you’re trying to sleep.

    Help Your Senior Dog Fight Back Against Muscular Atrophy

    Senior dogs are at risk of developing a range of health problems as they age. Mobility problems are especially common as dogs grow older, whether caused by arthritis, fatigue or a more serious problem like hip dysplasia. But another less-discussed problem that can impact not only mobility but overall wellness is muscular atrophy.

    Why Is Your Pet's Rabies Shot So Important?

    One of the most highly mandated aspects of domestic pets’ health is their vaccinations—specifically, the rabies vaccination. In many places, pets can’t be licensed or travel without proof of vaccination against this disease. But have you ever wondered why, exactly, it’s so important?

    Is Your Cat Urine Marking or Is it a Urinary Problem?

    Discovering that your cat has urinated outside their litter box is never a fun experience. But while your first instinct might be to call the vet to treat your cat’s urinary problem, you should consider why your cat has urinated in the first place.

    Spotting the Signs of Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs

    For all their running, jumping and rolling around, it’s no surprise that dogs are susceptible to back problems. But one problem in particular, called intervertebral disc disease, has the ability to completely alter the way your pup moves. For this reason, fast treatment is crucial.

    Make Preventative Care a Part of Your Pet's New Year’s Resolutions

    New year’s resolutions are designed to help us set and achieve healthy goals, with the first of the year serving as a fresh slate. For pet owners, new year’s resolutions not only give us the opportunity to consider our own wellbeing but also our furry friends’!

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