Goliath Saved His Skin with Some Special Senior Support

Goliath Saved His Skin with Some Special Senior Support

Goliath moves like a wild cat. Before he slowed down with age, he needed to be outside to be truly happy. He loves to run, climb, and even sleep in trees like his bigger cousins in the wild! Early in the year, Goliath was diagnosed with the strange sounding "long-term anemia" and slowly developed a habit of incessant scratching. Nobody quite understood the connection but the scratching started to deteriorate into painful wounds. What’s a cat dad to do?

This 14 year old fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat was in a really unfortunate situation. His severe scratching habit was giving him large scabs and he was pulling out chunks of his fur. To make matters worse, the vet was unable to find a medical cause for this behavior. Goliath’s owner was at a loss and could do the only thing in his power: search for answers to protect his beloved furball!

While searching for something completely different, Goliath’s dad stumbled upon Pet Wellbeing’s natural products. He had never heard of it, but for some reason the Old Friend product caught his eye. Goliath was no kitten anymore, and maybe some extra specialized senior pet support would do him good. Old Friend is known for supporting pets with joint mobility, digestion, skin, and overall wellness.


After reading the description, he decided to buy it because he was desperate to help poor Goliath. Staring off with a dosage of 4 drops of Old Friend a day in his food, the changes came quick and noticeable. Within three days Goliath was already scratching less. They were on the right track!

A few weeks later the problem was completely solved. Goliath’s scabs healed and his fur grew back, and best of all he returned to his old self again. Meanwhile, his dad was completely blown away: “To be honest I didn't think it would even help let alone offer the results it did!” We still don’t have any direct explanations, but when you specifically support a senior pet’s health the results will speak for themselves.