Mango the Big Orange Kitty Has a Few of His 9 Lives Saved

Mango the Big Orange Kitty Has a Few of His 9 Lives Saved

Mango is a lot of orange Maine Coon to love, and at 23 lbs. he is a big boy with a great big heart. He is calm, loving, very intuitive, and has been deeply connected to his mom since his first day home. Poor Mango became extremely sick after his 2nd vaccination and had to be hand fed back to health. Shortly after he gained a lot of weight, started coughing, and was diagnosed with Pleural Effusion. It was a serious combo of Pet Wellbeing products that gave this big orange kitty a second (or third!) shot at a happy life. 

After his diagnosis, the vet did not want to risk Mango further by putting him under anesthetic to determine the cause of the Pleural Effusion, and told his family to take it one day at a time with a prescription for a daily steroid. That was 3 years ago. After serious research, his mom changed him to a lower fat wet food and then turned to a tried and true ally: Pet Wellbeing. With good results using Kidney Gold for her other kitty, she decided to try Lung Gold for Mango. Her research said most cats only live a few months with this diagnosis, but with the steroid he takes every other day and the PWB products, Mango is still with us 3 years after his diagnosis. 


However, poor Mango wasn’t out of the woods yet. Recently Mango started having problems with his back leg and had a hard time walking. Maybe the steroid was affecting his hip or even his kidneys? Trusting her gut, Mango’s mom skipped running him to the vet for human meds and opted to try Pet Wellbeing Agile Joints instead. Within a couple of days, his walking improved! Shockingly fast, within a couple of weeks he was going up flights of stairs again and when she worried that it was too much for him and went to stop him, he RAN up the stairs! This big boy doesn't run. Stopped in her tracks, heart beating with excitement, seeing him move like that for the first time in years was almost overwhelming! 

“Thank you deeply for creating these products. I have never seen him have any side effects or problems being on them and he has received Lung Gold and Life Gold twice a day for 3 years.”

Mango has greatly improved, his mobility is much better, his coat is beautiful, and his congestion is clearer. Together a devoted mom, his strength to fight illness, Pet Wellbeing herbal formulas, and a lot of love have resulted in a big furry boy who is alert, happy, and head butting his mama once again.