Prep Your Pets for a Perfect Photoshoot

Prep Your Pets for a Perfect Photoshoot

A doting parent has no shortage of pet photos to share with fellow animal lovers. If your phone is filled with pictures of Fido, you’ll be happy to know there’s a whole day dedicated to pet photoshoots! Every year, July 11th is the time to celebrate All American Pet Photo Day.

This day is different from all the rest. To capture the best photos, you’ll need to make sure your pet’s health is in top shape. Pet Photo Day is the perfect excuse to pamper your pup or cat with play time, cuddles and a trip to the grooming salon. Here are a few ways to get your fur baby ready for the camera.

Shiny coat and healthy skin

Before you start snapping photos, your pet needs to look their best. Brush their coat to get rid of dandruff and dead hair. The brush will evenly distribute natural oils to rehydrate a dull coat. Grooming your pet will make their fur look glossy and smooth in the photos. If you have a dog, give them a bath the day of the photoshoot. Use a pet-friendly, hydrating shampoo to replenish dry fur.

A photo-ready coat requires a healthy diet, too. Give your pet a daily supplement with omega-3 fatty acids to boost shine and reduce skin problems. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects that can minimize dry, itchy and flaky skin. These essential fats make your pet less likely to develop rashes and secondary skin infections. The fatty acids coat hair to act as a protective barrier and prevent it from drying out.

A mouth full of pearly whites

A happy pup will show off their smile for the camera. Regular dental hygiene can ensure each smile is filled with healthy, gleaming-white teeth. Good dental health is a daily habit, and you can start by feeding your pet a dental chew. These treats have a hard surface with grooves and nubs designed to scrape away plaque buildup. As your pet chews on it, the textured surface will dig in between the teeth to clear out food particles and stimulate blood flow to the gums.

Dental chews are just one part of your pet’s dental routine. In addition to at-home care, dogs and cats need annual teeth cleanings at the vet’s office. The vet uses special tools to eliminate stubborn plaque and tartar that accumulates below the gum line. They will also conduct an oral exam to look for the early signs of periodontal disease. Schedule your pet’s annual cleaning a few days before the photoshoot to capture a smile that’s brighter than ever.


Calming down energetic pets

A pet will never sit still for a photoshoot if they’re bouncing off the walls with energy! About 30 minutes before the photoshoot, exercise your pet so they’re more likely to pose for the camera. Go for a long walk, play tug of war or send them chasing after a toy. It’s equally important to exercise a pet’s mind, too. Keep your pet mentally stimulated with a training session, hidden treats or an agility course.

Some pets may need a little extra help finding their zen. Another technique you can try is giving your pet a calming supplement. Each capsule is blended with natural ingredients that can soothe an overactive nervous system.

Teaching your pet basic commands

Photoshoots are much more successful when pets can obey basic commands. Fido needs to learn how to sit, stay and lie down, otherwise all the photos will turn out blurry! When your pup completes a command, reward them with a treat and plenty of praise. Positive reinforcement encourages dogs to behave appropriately because they’ll get something in return. During your training sessions, make sure your dog is able to hold a command long enough to snap a good photo.

Cats are a trickier subject to photograph. They’re less willing to act on command, so it’s best to wait until your cat is relaxing in their favorite spot. Once you’ve caught them at a good time, direct your kitty’s attention by snapping your fingers, saying their name or dangling a toy near the camera. Never force a cat to do something they don’t want to do. With that said, prepare to take lots of photos before capturing the right one!

Prioritize your pet’s physical and mental health for a successful photoshoot. More importantly, taking care of your fur baby’s health shows how much you appreciate having them in your life. Once they’re all dolled up, you get to share your pet’s irresistible charm with the world. A pet that feels their best will look their best!