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    Introducing Pet Wellbeing's Chewable for Skin and Coat Health in Dogs

    Topic: Supplements

    Dogs can get itchy for all sorts of reasons. Dry weather and allergies are among the most common causes of itchy, swollen skin in dogs. No matter the cause, dogs that suffer from persistent itching may benefit from our Itch & Scratch Chewies. They promote a shiny coat and smooth, flawless skin beneath it.

    What can these chews do for my dog’s skin?

    Itch & Scratch Chewies for Dogs NEW!  $47.95 Buy Now Itch & Scratch Chewies are made with vet-approved, all-natural herbs proven to support skin and coat health in dogs. These herbs promote a healthy immune response, which is crucial for controlling itchiness, redness, swelling and hot spots.

    In some cases, itchy skin occurs due to low humidity in the dog’s living space. This can dry out the air and the dog’s skin, leaving them with flakiness and a dull, brittle coat. Our soft chews can help hydrate the skin for a supple appearance and soft, shiny fur.

    These chews may address the secondary effects of itchy skin, as well. Constant itching, licking and chewing can damage the skin’s surface, leaving your pup vulnerable to bacterial infections. Itch & Scratch Chewies fortify the skin barrier so your dog doesn’t suffer additional health problems.

    How do the ingredients promote skin health?

    Itch & Scratch Chewies feature a blend of four key herbs: Chinese Pearl Barley, Phellodendron, Black Atractylodes and Cyathula. When combined together, these herbs create a synergistic effect that has been shown to:

    • Ease the discomfort of itching
    • Regulate proper skin hydration
    • Clear redness and swelling
    • Support integrity of the skin

    Are these chews appropriate for my dog?

    Itch & Scratch Chewies are the most beneficial for dogs with skin allergies and those living in dry weather conditions. Our soft chews are also suitable for dogs that experience recurring itching, swelling, redness, dryness or skin infections.

    Ask your vet about making Itch & Scratch Chewies a part of your dog’s health regimen!


    Meet Our Expert

    Dr. Janice Huntingford

    Pet Wellbeing's own Dr. Jan has been in veterinary practice for over 30 years. Since receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, she's founded two veterinary clinics and lectured extensively on pet herbal therapy, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, rehabilitation and pain management.

    Dr. Jan has studied extensively in both conventional and holistic modalities, helping us to formulate all of our supplements. She is an essential part of Pet Wellbeing.

    And lucky for us, she's only one of the great team of people who make Pet Wellbeing so special.

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