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    Plan an Extra-Special Pet Appreciation Week for Your Furry Friend

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    Mark your calendars—June 5th through June 11th is Pet Appreciation Week! Pets bring us so much joy, there’s hardly a reason not to celebrate! They teach us a level of unconditional love that’s experienced only through having a furry companion. Pets constantly express their appreciation for us, and now it’s time to return the favor.

    Show your appreciation this week (or any time, really) with these essential pet activities.

    The purpose of Pet Appreciation Week

    Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) was first created back in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The organization created Pet Appreciation Week so that pet parents could dedicate a full week to their fur babies. The celebration’s main goal is to educate owners about proper pet care and advocate for their health. Doing so will keep pets happy, strengthen your bond and improve their quality of life.

    PAW sheds light on pets that are suffering in silence. When owners pay extra attention to their pets, they can identify diseases and behavioral issues that previously flew under the radar. Pet Appreciation Week is especially important for owners who don’t get to spend much time with their fur babies. Now’s your chance to tune into your pet’s health and take action!

    PAW was also created to acknowledge the benefits of owning a pet. After all, your life wouldn’t be the same without them! Pets have tremendous impacts on our mental health, and some furry companions help people overcome trauma or depression. They encourage us to stay fit, socialize and become better people in general.


    How to celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

    Pet Appreciation Week is all about giving back to your furry companion. It’s a week filled with love, pampering and tons of treats! There are many ways to celebrate your pet, from going for an extra-long walk to finally updating the contact information on their microchip. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    • Take your pet to the groomer: Brushing and nail trimming are important parts of every pet’s routine. During PAW, take it a step farther and schedule a full-on professional grooming session. Professional pet groomers have the necessary tools to help your fur baby look their best. Plus, they’re certified for proper pet handling to make it an enjoyable experience. Between the treats, massages and aromatherapy, your pet will receive their very own spa day!
    • Visit the vet for a checkup: Your pet won’t find this activity very fun, but it’s for their own good! PAW is a good reminder to bring in your fur baby for their annual checkup. This is your chance to update microchip information, get them vaccinated and describe any odd symptoms to your vet. Pet appreciation goes far beyond snuggles, toys and treats. Be kind to your pet by taking care of their health needs.
    • Attend a training course: Some dog owners believe they don’t need obedience classes, especially if they’ve got a senior pup. However, these courses can help your dog work through any lingering behavioral issues. Training establishes trust, mutual respect and necessary bonding time. Obedience classes also give a good example of how owners should treat their furry companions. Besides, it’s never too late to learn new tricks!
    • Schedule extra play time: Exercise has numerous benefits for pets and humans alike. It keeps you in good shape and brings you two closer together. There’s no better time than PAW to fit in a couple extra rounds of fetch. Take a break from your busy schedule and give the fur babies your full, undivided attention. You could even plan a special trip to their favorite park or someplace entirely new. Don’t just go for their usual walk—treat your pet to an afternoon you’ll always remember.
    • Cook dinner for your pet: On most days, your hectic schedule leaves only enough time to scoop kibble into your pet’s food bowl. This week, spend a little extra time in the kitchen cooking dinner for you and your pet! In fact, many human foods are very nutritious for cats and dogs. Share a meal of chicken, rice and steamed vegetables with your fur babies. Just be sure to leave out spices and toxic ingredients while preparing your pet’s food dish.

    Although they misbehave sometimes, that furry little face deserves all the recognition in the world. Pets bring immeasurable happiness into our lives and leave us wondering, “Who saved who?” It’s important to always appreciate your pet—not just during Pet Appreciation Week, but every single day you two spend together.

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